Education of staff is an important part of willingness and readiness for change. Gaining an understanding of best practices is a start to open their eyes. Invite me to speak to your staff in person, live online or enroll staff in a tailored webinar to be viewed at their convenience.

As a speaker, George creates a unique experience for each client and audience. He helps participants “see” both sides of the customer experience: as a government development services employee (planning, building, engineering, health, etc.) serving customers, and as a customer experiencing their service.  He objectively illustrates the role each side plays in a good or bad customer experience.

George works from your agenda, not his.  And he engages collaboratively with you and your management team to craft a customized presentation that not only engages the audience, but aligns with your organization’s objectives and mission.  He can work with you to perform an onsite workshop or presentations, set up a webinar, or participate in some other venue.

He has delivered dozens of presentations and workshops on development services administration, improvement strategies, and change management principles.  George has been a keynote speaker, moderator, presenter, or panel member for national and state American Planning Association (APA) conferences. George has also been a faculty member of APA’s Planning and Zoning Institute with a focus on development administration and management.

Consider one of these topics – or suggest one of your own!

  • Integrating the Development Services System – Explore the concepts to help you move from a disjoined and fragmented system to one that is more integrated and seamless for your customers. Customers want consistency and predictability.
  • Performance Improvement Strategies in the Planning, Building and Development Process – Explore the common issues facing organizations and, in turn, discuss strategies that will offset those problems.  George will amplify on all the components of the development process “system”, including business processes, how people interact, the regulatory framework, technology tools, physical space, and organizational structure.
  • Project Management for Development Services – Explore the key concepts of project management in local government for a complex, multi-disciplinary process.   Explore key project management techniques and tools, roles and responsibilities for team members, and issue resolution.
  • Performance Measurement Programs – Explore the types of performance measurement tools, both satisfaction-based and internal metrics. Learn ways to match your measurement program with customer desired outcomes or expectations.
  • Cost-of-Service Studies and Revenue Generation – Learn a simple, concise way to measure your cost-of-service for your overall organization. Examine how to calculate individual application or permit expenditures, define fee enhancements and revenue structures, and identify the staffing resources needed to address workload at any given time.
  • Custom Presentations – Your audience’s interest plus George’s content personalized to drive home the points your organization needs.