System Designer

Many development services systems are disjointed and difficult to navigate. I can help you create a more integrated and seamless process to simply the experience for customers. It is a challenge but also an essential step for your organization’s success.

To improve customer service and drive consistent service delivery it’s more imperative than ever to create real value for your customers. If your customer feedback is drifting ever-so-steadily toward complacency and frustrations, then you need to take action.

You – and your staff – may feel pressured with recent budget cuts, scrambling to keep up with the minutiae of regulations or process, and the day-to-day workload challenges.  While at the same time, you sense you’re losing touch with your customers and maybe even your frontline employees.  When you look to the future as development activity rebounds, the ability to cope and meet your customer service expectations is at a minimum unsettling.

Start With A Customer-Oriented Approach

Is your organization customer-oriented? If so, your development services system should center on two critical concepts; 1) your staff wanting to meet customer’s expectations;  and 2) adopting key operational design elements that address those expectations.  Too many times organizations want to paint pretty pictures about their commitment to customer service or simply changing the way things look and expect different results.  Focusing on customer needs begins by being very clear on what the customer’s desired outcomes are, what employees need to be successful meeting those outcomes, and a plan to get from point A to B.

End With Customer Satisfaction

Focusing on the customer also helps negotiate the necessary commitments across agency departments so that the intent of the new design can be fully realized. I don’t only help design the customer experience; I help design the testing and implementation as well. It’s what makes up your customer service strategy when we’re done.

Here are a few of the tools that I use to consistently yield high customer and staff feedback marks. Please inquire about others.

Project-Oriented Design Process – gets you an fully integrated and seamless development services system that is designed from the ground up to meet your customer’s needs. Your  design will let you fulfill your customer’s desired outcomes and unlock your employees’ time, energy, and passion while providing a better customer experience – at the same time.

  • Define integrated development services “one-stop” design basics to create a multi-faceted implementation of phone-in, walk-in and online service request workflows.
  • Define a customer “sits in one chair” philosophy to minimize customer run-around.
  • Define a project-oriented processing approach to tailor for customer projects and expected results.
  • Integrate project management for all scope and type of development activity and clearly defined staff roles and responsibilities for each.

Experience Pilot – offers a practical, focused, pilot-sized experience installed in your organization. We establish a clear understanding of customers’ desired outcomes, encourage sponsor buy-in, and then prove to your organization that customer experience will work as a strategy and as an implementation tool. You get clarity about the customer’s actual experience through a compelling feedback and an easy-to-understand visual roadmap everyone can follow. You and your team also get roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on involvement throughout the  pilot to make sure you get the most done in the least lime at the appropriate investment level.

Secret “Shopper” Program – gets you an invisible front row seat to your organization. Your Program lets you step into your customer’s shoes so you can see how your business processes-and your people-treat your customers. You get concise and actionable feedback along with recommendations and an action plan.

Is it painful?

Uncovering the issues and flaws that lead to a bad customer experience can be uncomfortable.  But any short-term pain is quickly overcome by the realization that your organization will be focused on creating loyal customer advocates, distancing yourself from your surrounding government agencies, and maximizing your staff’s positive employment experience.